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Chris Jaudes Trumpet Artist New York City
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Chris Jaudes Custom JBX B&S Trumpet

Chris Jaudes prefers
The B&S Challenger JBX Bb Trumpet

B&S JBX-GL Challenger II Bb Trumpet Gold Lacquer Reverse Leadpipe

Chris Jaudes states ... "I can play anything in any style with the JBX Custom B&S Trumpet!"

Chris currently performs on the custom JBX B&S Challenger Model Bb Trumpet

Chris relates, "I can feel this trumpet vibrate in my hands. The pitch throughout the range of the instrument is fantastic and this trumpet is very versatile. I can play anything and in any style. The thing I'm most happy about is that the JBX B&S Challenger has NO limitations. I can play with confidence into the extreme upper register and all the way to the bottom of the horn without having to make adjustments for pitch and timbre. On a scale of 1- 10 the WOW factor on this trumpet is a 12. By far the best lead trumpet I have ever played!!

Chris goes on to relate that the secret of the B&S Challenger X-Line model is the combination of a light weight brass bell with a “French bead wire”. A refined, sharper bell rim edge offering improved projection for any style of music. The JBX custom model features a .459” bore with reversed lead pipe; a 4.92" Lightweight #43 Bell with French bead wire; boxed, bronze springs; Challenger Monel pistons; Amado water keys; available in gold lacquer and silver plate and there is the optional #72 bell, model (MBX).

Chris Jaudes Trumpet Artist New York City

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